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PC Solutions

PC Solutions & Consulting, Ltd.
407 South Walnut Street
Elmira, NY 14904

phone: (607) 735-0466    (800) 246-2002


All PCS Power Systems are assembled, programmed, tested, and supported at PC Solutions in Elmira, New York. We have supplied over 2,800 computer systems to our customers (as of September 2010). Our systems are in service in homes, businesses, offices, manufacturing facilities, and anywhere else one might imagine to use one.

We use only new, name brand components purchased from national distributors. Some brands that we use: Intel, Enlight, Kingston, Samsung, Sony, Western Digital, ATI, Creative, and Acer. No parts are restocks, overstocks, used, close-outs, or auctioned. All systems are bench tested for 72 hours prior to being available to the customer. PC Solutions' limited warranty protects against manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year.

All systems are built to order. We can assemble a system with any amount of memory, hard drive space, processor speed, etc, that you desire. Please contact us for pricing.

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