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PC Solutions

PC Solutions & Consulting, Ltd.
407 South Walnut Street
Elmira, NY 14904

phone: (607) 735-0466


Personal Computer Sales, Service, and Upgrades

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Computer systems    |    We build our own line of high quality desktop computer systems. We use only new, name brand components purchased from national distributors. All systems are tested for 72 hours before being released to the customer. We use only Intel brand processors featuring their latest available technology. All parts are covered by our limited warranty as well as any additional warranty the manufacturer of that part offers. As of February 2011, we have built over 2,800 systems for our customers.

Notebook computers    |    We proudly carry the Lenovo ThinkPad line of notebook computers. ThinkPad has been a leading name in high-quality laptops for many years. We have chosen ThinkPad because of their quality products, great reputation, and unmatched support.

Network servers    |    We supply local area businesses with Windows based servers for many different needs: domain controllers, mail servers, proxy servers, application servers, internet gateways, and any other specialized uses that one may need.

Small business network support    |    We support over 30 local business networks, some with over 20 users. All networks are Windows Server based. We support WindowsNT Server, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Small Business Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, as well as Microsoft Exchange.

Computer repairs    |    We will work on any brand of PC compatible computer system. We specialize in diagnosis and troubleshooting of tough problems. We can resolve software issues involving the operating system, viruses, and spyware. Hardware and components can be replaced or repaired.

Virus and spyware removal    |    Unfortunately, computer infections have become a problem for everybody. We can clean your computer of any type of spyware or virus. We have the experience to beat even the most difficult problems. Our fees are reasonable and our service is fast.

Data recovery    |    Even after your computer has failed or crashed, we can usually save all of your important files. Your documents, pictures, music, and other data can be saved to disk or transferred directly to a new computer.

Upgrades    |    We stock a comprehensive selection of memory and hard drive upgrades to meet your needs. We can also upgrade your sound card, video card, speakers, or other components.

Wireless networking    |    We recommend and supply Linksys brand wireless equipment. With a RoadRunner account and a wireless capable computer, you can enjoy the freedom of accessing the internet with no wires in your home.

Cabling    |    We stock the most extensive selection of cables in the Elmira area. If you need something specific, we probably have it. If we don't have it here, we can get it for you quickly. On hand, we carry cables for USB, parallel, video, audio, SCSI, serial, FireWire, IDE, Serial-ATA, and many others.

Replacement parts    |    In our store, you can find replacement cooling fans, power supplies, cables and connectors, mice, keyboards, speakers, DVD-RW drives, USB hubs, PCMCIA cards, modems, ethernet cards, cases, and many more items too numerous to mention.

Used computer systems and components    |    We offer a good selection of used computer systems and components. All parts have been tested and all systems have been thoroughly cleaned.


PC Solutions

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